Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Some doodles for a change

That's what I've been draing for the last couple of weeks. I'll make my watercolour drawings in a separate post and here just Copic and Promarkers:

And some La La sketches

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring, Easter, Sunshine)))

Hey there,

Finally it started to warm up (and stays that way which is more important) though I know that it is not quite correct to compare mediterranian "cold" with... ermm... Siberia for example)))

Anyways days are longer, sun is shinier, it smells like orange blossom and Easter holidays are round the corner.
I made a few cards with flowers and blossoms, here is one of them

(y como voy a compartir ese post en el grupo Scrap Lowcost esta vez intentaré traducirlo todo al español)

Por fin llegó la primavera: los días son más largos, el sol brilla más, ese olor de azahar... y las fiestas de la Semana Santa (por fin vacaciones de la niña, la pobre está agotada por los exámenes)
He terminado unas cuantas tarjetas con flores etc.

and closer
y con más detalle

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Everyone loves interactive cards...

This is an old classic, I made so many of them! And every time it is a different style and not boring at all. Just pull the arrow))

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Minnie Mouse Card Tutorial

Here is a quick DIY tutorial for a simple, cute and  easy-to-make birthday card or birthday party invitation. I am sure that everyone will absolutely love it!

As I said before it can be a birthday party invitation - there actual card is a pocket holding a card where you can write your message.

You can make a Mickey card using the same steps, just don't tie a bow!

Also instead of red card you can use pink, and make it all pinky-girly!

I used black, red and white 225 gr card. The measurements are as follow:

If you don't have a diecut machine you can trace something with a similar diameter (like a cup) and cut the circles with scissors.
Fold the black card in half,
Make the corners rounded:
      *black card* 2 top corners
      *red and white card* all 4 corners

Out of scrap paper (I used pink) cut out a circle same diameter as the black circles (7 cm approx). Fold it in half. Unfold, and fold in half again leaving the circle divided in 4 parts.
Align the pink circle with the top of the black card as shown on a picture

make some marks directly on a fold and on the outer side of the card. Make an incision with a craft knife or scissors *not passing the cross on the picture above.
Put 3 mm double sided tape very close to the edge *wavy lines on the picture above.

close the card, so you get some kind of envelope. The red card should come in and out with no effort.

Place your red card and the pink scrap paper circle as shown above.
Put some tacky glue on the corner,

Place the black circle directly on top of the pink one. Like this we are going to be sure that the ears are placed on the same distance from each other.

Repeat on the other side. Now we have the ears!

Glue the white panel on top of the red one.
* you can print it first and then cut out panels. 
Or stamp, 
or use your calligraphy powers))) 
The insert is done, let's put it aside to dry.

Glue the big red circle on the black pocket card.

on a piece of white paper stamp your sentiment, cut it out, you can make the corners rounded as I did. Place the sentiment on the card. I used 2 mm foam tape to raise it a bit

Make a bow, glue it to the top of the pocket card.
Add some bling-bling...
And - voilà- the card is ready. Told you it was easy)))

Hope you liked today’s project!
Thank you for popping round,
Inga xxx

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

LOVE cupcakes

Can you believe it's March already!?
I finally sent off the card I am sending as an "Inter" in a scrapbooking group, hope my opponent likes it.

Anyways...I decided to make a cupcake card, everyone loves cupcakes, right? I bet this one is cherry flavoured))) The pattern on the paper also looks like cherry blossom! 

The cupcake

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Mini Fallas

Well, the Fallas 2017 are almost here and I finally finished my mini-album from the Fallas 2015))) If you are curious what it is I copied a piece of an article by Liam Lacey from his blog in the end of this post.

So it is a decorated Grungebook base by Tim Holtz.

The flower is

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Double gate fold card. With a gate.

Well sometimes I do take things literally, like in this weekend project. So if it is a GATE fold card there should be a gate somewhere, right?

I was going to use my new stamps... but remembered about them only when the photos were already taken. Almost no inks involved (unusual for me), cute delicate chipboard that adds some texture, embossed garden gates and handmade flowers.


I used